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Just made cookies…

And regardless of the fact that they look and probably taste disgusting, I don’t care, I made them myself.

127 Hours - 126 1/2 

so today while at sister’s soccer games i was suddenly overcome by hunger so I decided to wander upstairs to the vending machines. As i was leaving the bleachers I grabbed two dollars and 2 quarters. When I reached the top of the stairs I saw a vending machine i got a small bag of doritos and they fell into the bottom of theĀ machine. I went to reach in and get them but found I couldn’t quite get them so I stuck my hand in further and you wouldn’t believe what happened, IT GOT STUCK. So i then layed there for 30 minutes surviving only off of my own pee and the half filled bottle of water I had. Then I had a premonition/hallucination of myself getting McDonalds on the way home and immediatly sawed my arm off with the remaining quarters I had. Then still hungry I tried to reach back in again to get the doritos once more and MY OTHER ARM GOT STUCK. I was once again in a sticking situation and feeling less handing then ever I didn’t know what to do. (Oh its a hand joke). At that moment though I remembered the machete I’ve been carrying around since I saw 127 hours and quickly managed to cut my hand out. The doritos fell with it and I realized I had no hands to eat them with. it was inconvenient.

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