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If this happened to me…

I don’t understand horror movies. I do not get them. If my house was haunted I would find a safe or at least warm place, most likely with a blanket and i would STAY THERE. I would just close my eyes and fall asleep until I woke up. Now if that  didn’t work I might try the angry character. There are certain days where if I walked in the door from school with a 40 pound bag on my shoulder after walking home from school up a hill covered in snow, slush, and mud and what appears to be pieces of a bomb and almost getting hit by a car and I saw a burglar or the ghost of Hitler I wouldn’t be afraid to say. GET OUT. I DON’T CARE IF YOU COME BACK TOMORROW BUT GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE TODAY. SO FAR TODAY I HAVE PAGES AND PAGES OF HOMEWORK, I DROPPED MY RING IN THE TOILET IN SCHOOL AND HAD TO REACH IN AND GET IT, IT’S VALENTINES DAY AND GUESS WHO DIDN’T GET A VALENTINE ME ASSHOLE ME, SO UNLESS YOU HAVE A VALENTINE TO GIVE MORE OR AT LEAST A HEART SHAPED CANDY I DON’T EVEN CARE IF IT’S FROM LAST YEAR THEN GET OUT.I  mean I’ve never walked into my house and had that happen so maybe I wouldn’t do that in reality but right now sitting at my computer with the biggest threat being the fact that my sister is considering watching her old lip sync tap I’m not afraid to say I would. 

On a different note when do people in horror movies go to the bathroom? I’ll be honest when I’m scared or hiding the immediate feeling I am overwhelmed with is having to pee. If I was ever a member of a horror movie or a situation like that I can tell you right now I would pee. 

My Day

Today I had to take one of those career tests in health class. The test are pretty much the same as the ones in all the movies except they’re taken online instead of passed out by a miserable teacher who still can’t believe he has to come to school everyday and deal with “dishonest”, “obnoxious”, and “disrespectful" kids because this same test told him he would excel in the teacher career course even though he wanted to be a well known classical dancer. (and the look he has on his face is similar to a person who just realized that Hitler was their father and a bride that just realized she has diarrhea on her wedding day.) Now instead we have a guidance counselor telling us how to use a computer because everyone knows teenagers have no idea how to use the Internet. The second difference between this test and the old test is that this test doesn’t tell women they should work in the kitchen and men that they should all be business men.

(I feel like this first part is to long so I will use this to break it up because I don’t have a point that would really work to break it up and I’m not really in the mood to find one. And to anyone that’s read this far THANK YOU)

Now so as I’m taking this test I’m getting questions like “Do you enjoy stapling pieces of paper together?” It was questions like this one that got me confused. I was saying to myself "I don’t know maybe I do. I don’t mind it. That’s not good. I don’t want to only staple papers together for my whole life. This is bad. If I like things like this my personality must be terrible. No one will ever want to marry someone whose job is stapling papers. What if I staple my finger? What if I staple my finger and get a paper cut? Would I get a cool desk or work station? Probably not. It might be relaxing though. Wait those things that take staples out of previously stapled papers are scary to look at. Maybe I don’t like stapling papers together. I couldn’t handle this. Not the job for me. It is at that point that I click the "definitely not interested button" and move on. And then there were ones like “Do you enjoy filling ice cube trays?” I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply to any job. “Wanted woman with the ability to turn a sink on and hold plastic tray underneath. It sounds like a craigslist ad. So I ended up getting the career I wanted but I’m pretty sure that’s only because I went into it knowing what I wanted to do. The person next to me got zoo keeper. 

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