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If this happened to me…

I don’t understand horror movies. I do not get them. If my house was haunted I would find a safe or at least warm place, most likely with a blanket and i would STAY THERE. I would just close my eyes and fall asleep until I woke up. Now if that  didn’t work I might try the angry character. There are certain days where if I walked in the door from school with a 40 pound bag on my shoulder after walking home from school up a hill covered in snow, slush, and mud and what appears to be pieces of a bomb and almost getting hit by a car and I saw a burglar or the ghost of Hitler I wouldn’t be afraid to say. GET OUT. I DON’T CARE IF YOU COME BACK TOMORROW BUT GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE TODAY. SO FAR TODAY I HAVE PAGES AND PAGES OF HOMEWORK, I DROPPED MY RING IN THE TOILET IN SCHOOL AND HAD TO REACH IN AND GET IT, IT’S VALENTINES DAY AND GUESS WHO DIDN’T GET A VALENTINE ME ASSHOLE ME, SO UNLESS YOU HAVE A VALENTINE TO GIVE MORE OR AT LEAST A HEART SHAPED CANDY I DON’T EVEN CARE IF IT’S FROM LAST YEAR THEN GET OUT.I  mean I’ve never walked into my house and had that happen so maybe I wouldn’t do that in reality but right now sitting at my computer with the biggest threat being the fact that my sister is considering watching her old lip sync tap I’m not afraid to say I would. 

On a different note when do people in horror movies go to the bathroom? I’ll be honest when I’m scared or hiding the immediate feeling I am overwhelmed with is having to pee. If I was ever a member of a horror movie or a situation like that I can tell you right now I would pee. 

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