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There is a chemical in a girls’ brain is released only two different times in her life, when she has sex, and when she breast feeds her baby. This chemical emotionally connects her to another person for the rest of her life. Us guys? We only release this chemical when we bond with our children. So if you think sex is a game and go around fucking as many girls as you want, remember that you can mentally mess this girl up for the rest of her life. If you’re still friends afterwards then whatever, but she will always feel some sort of feeling for you, just because of the chemical.

It’s called Oxytocin, it’s actually released when a woman gives birth as well. But this is so true… sex is more than just a game, and this is a clear reason that explains why humans were only created to have sex with just one person. Doing it with multiple people will have a very strong negative effect on your relationship with the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. I wish more kids knew about this… not that this should be your only motive not to have sex before marriage, but it is one of the most important.

Everyone should know this.

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I see so many posts that say people lie, hate, and are all alone or really anything negative. What about all the people who don’t. Of course if you look at the world you’ll see bad people but the only reason we can identify a person as bad is by comparing them to a good person. So yes, people do horrible things it’s no secret, but at the same time people can do great things. Just like one lie can change a person’s point of view one good thing can do the same.

In Steinbeck’s novel, East of Eden he says

“during the dry years the people forgot about the rich years…It was always that way.”

No matter who you are there are times when it will feel like everything has fallen apart, like hope is gone, but when that happens think about when things were good and try to work towards that. And if you can’t think of any good times then you can look forward to making the future even better. Not to sound like a crazy school counsler but really, the best way to overcome a horrible time is to think not about how terrible the situation is but how to fix it or at least get past it.

If there is one thing the human race has really perfected it’s criticizing each other. One example is comedy. People just talk about how they don’t think a comedian is funny or how their jokes are terrible. They put so much time and work into what they do. This isn’t even just about jokes for comedians but for what anyone does. Would you want someone to walk around behind you and tell you that what you do isn’t good?

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I want an innocent relationship

I want kisses and cuddling and innocent fun. I’m tired of all relationships being about sex nowadays. No wonder no one can stay together. What happened to cute dates and monthaversaries? I want the type of relationship that is full of excitement and doing stuff like exploring or just going out and driving as far as you can one day. I want something different.

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